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What is Social Housing?

What you need to know if social housing is for you.
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affordable housing

A key function of social housing is to provide accommodation that is affordable to people on low incomes. Limits to rent increases set by law mean that rents are kept affordable.

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owned and managed

Registered providers (often known as social landlords) are the bodies that own and manage social housing. They tend to be non-commercial organisations such as local authorities or housing associations.

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Registered providers are financially regulated and funded by the government through the Homes and Communities Agency, which is responsible for the construction of new social homes.

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allocated on the basis of need

Unlike in the private rented sector, where tenancies are offered by the landlord and letting agent to whomever they choose, social housing is distributed according to the local council’s allocation scheme.

How we live is changing. In England, nine million people now rent privately.

About Social Housing

Why we need more social housing
The number of people living in social housing in this country is in decline.

Many of the issues with social housing stem from the same problem: there just have not been enough social homes built over the past few decades. But while there is a huge lack of supply, demand for social housing has soared. More recently, a series of government policy changes have changed the very nature of social housing.

The biggest problem facing social housing is that as a country we are simply not building enough affordable homes. As a result, waiting lists for social housing continue to grow – forcing more and more people to move into private rented accommodation.

Often this form of housing – with short-term contracts, unpredictable rent rises and a lack of security – is unsuitable for those who are vulnerable or in housing need. And yet with a lack of social housing available this is the only option left for many households.

How is social housing allocated?

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