Prevent Burglary

People sometimes worry about break-ins and burglaries, especially when there’s been a spate in the area.

Here are some useful tips.

When you’re not at home

  • Doors: make sure you have solid locks on all your doors and check that they are properly locked when leaving home.
  • Lighting: Light up various rooms in your house with plug-in timers. Try and vary the time each light comes on.
  • Windows: Shut all windows when leaving home. If you’re planning a holiday, get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out.
  • Sound: use a plug-in timer for a radio (best to make it a talk station).

Outside your home

Keep your keys in a safe place out of sight (don’t hide keys under doormats or flower pots). Invest in motion-sensor lighting to help detect movement outside your home.

Finally, remember the three Ds of burglary prevention:

An alarm system is a deterrent to a burglar (if you don’t have this, motion-sensor lighting might help).
Force a burglar to work where he/she can be observed. A burglar also wants to avoid drawing attention to himself by making noise, such as breaking glass or smashing doors. While alarms are best, watchful neighbours can also be an effective means of detection.
Delaying a burglar for four minutes is considered sufficient to prevent entry into a residential dwelling. The longer it takes to force a door or window, the greater the risk of being caught.